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Increasing Attunement for a Secure Alliance in the Counselling of Children - Niki Reeves

Niki Reeves



Workshop date & time 12/08/17 9AM - 4PM

All participants are required to bring lunch and refreshments although there are vending machines.

What to expect from this Workshop
This workshop is designed as the second part to the theory workshop “Attachment Theory and the Internal Working Models of Children”. We will revisit attachment theory, and ‘Internal Working Models’ and add to our understanding of neuroscience. However this day is predominantly a more skills based day. Participants should be prepared to work in small groups on skills attained during the day


Detailed Description

How The Child Presents
There is explanation of how children present in the therapy room, this will be understood in terms of attachment style by the therapist. This understanding allows the therapist to work more effectively from the first session to attune to each child, reduce the stress and trauma of the process and increase the ability to work effectively in the room.

Have the opportunity to discuss in group what they feel about these styles.