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Attachment Theory & the internal working models of children - Niki Reeves

Niki Reeves



Workshop date & time: 08/07/17 9AM - 4PM

All participants are required to bring lunch and refreshments although there are vending machines.

A theory based workshop looking at attachment theory with children in detail. With the inclusion of film clips understanding will gained of Mary Ainsworths ‘Strange Situation Test’ that brought the theory to life. There will be explanation of the theory of ‘Internal Working Models’ that forms the structures for all our expectations of the behaviour of ourselves and of others. With a deeper understanding of these models therapists can begin to help children to create models that will enable better outcomes and more secure relationships at school and at home.


Detailed Description

The Childs Brain
There will be explanation of our understanding of how the brain of a child works. How trauma limits the childs ability to use functions such as speech, logic processing and memory, and how these
changes in brain function result in children behaving in ways that parents and others see as confusing and troubling.
Affect Regulation
Possibly the most Important part of caring for a child is enabling the development of affect regulation.